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War Chest
The war chest measures 22.25" x 15.75" x 26”. Bullion and treasure chests of old were iron banded and fitted with rings to chain them safely to the castle floor or travel coach. Later, in less violent times, stealth became de rigueur to hide valuables. One method was a safe behind a piece of wall art, familiar from movies like the Pink Panther. Our objective, however, is to fool the professional eye. Stash things in unexpected places. Our credo here is to obfuscate the obvious! Here the ‘stash’ goes in the back! Wily and unexpected, good fun… A bedside War Chest, universally employable, which is admittedly a boon in times of War. It will serve as side table. In a hallway, showing off a beautiful vase of freshly cut roses. Bedside, the slide-out shelf will be appreciated, something even Grand Hotels didn’t think of. Aged, light and dark honey maple and walnut. Solid brass corners and hardware. Shipped in a diminutive shipper box and easily assembled. And the bonus! A secret space accessible in back, where no one suspects! Space for a ladies gold-plated pistol with silver bullets, shades of grey, sensitive letters and more! It has a back panel that pulls aside for secret access. It has brass campaign corners and carry handles. It also comes with a pull-out shelf.

War Chest


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