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Merkur SR HD High Speed Compass
Merkur SR HD High Speed Compass
The merkur sr high speed compass measures 5"H x 6 1/4"W x 4 3/4(card diameter) and weighs 4.5 lbs. This U.S. Coastguard approved, Merkur SR High Speed nautical compass manufactured in Germany by C. Plath is the right compass for fast going craft. It is highly dampened so that it can take the vibrational abuse that occurs at high speeds. The accuracy of indication, lag error, and oscillation period all exceed the International Organization of Standards norm. Additionally, the Merkur's vibration resistance exceeds requirements of BSH (German Hydrographic Institute). This nautical compass features a full spherical construction with an internal gimbal system which accommodates all angles of heel without compromising accuracy. And, the oscillation-free double bottom compensates for volumetric changes. The black housing of the Merkur SR compass is seawater resistant and made of a light alloy and the super-strong glass dome is insensitive to ultraviolet rays and is guaranteed for life against cracking, crazing and yellowing under normal use. No compass cover is needed because of the glass dome construction. The features include: red glare-free illumination, concave card with clear 5 degree graduation, 3 lubber lines, optical glare guard, illumination bulb that uses 12 VDC power, black Card and Bezel, accuracy of indication less than or equal to 1 degree, a lag error of less than or equal to 2 degrees, an oscillation period greater than or equal to 4.7 sec, a temperature range of -22 degrees F to 158 degrees F and a three year warranty on body. This compass is for horizontal flush mounting. USCG Approved #160.014/11.

Merkur SR HD High Speed Compass


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